Full Length Plays 

Lime-A-Rita Racist

Is it right to punch a nazi? When a mild-mannered guy knocks the ever-loving shit out of a racist scumbag, it causes his coworker to wonder if toxic masculinity is still toxic if it’s used for good.

My Guggenheim Play

My Guggenheim Play is about perseverance and uncovering wrongdoing. It’s about corporate corruption, an especially pernicious brand because it masquerades as a nonprofit and panders in progressive sloganeering. It's the true story of an unreported embezzling scheme at The Guggenheim in 2013.

  • 2019 The Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep Residency Consideration

  • 2019 SPACE on Ryder Farm Working Farm Semifinalist

  • 2018 Dramatists Guild Friday Night Footlights Reading (Oct 12, 2018)

Red Room on a Dark Web

Two desperate teenagers, Kevin and Dezba, need quick, hard cash to finance an escape from their post-industrial city. Decayed factories, now rusted and ruined metal monsters, bully and taunt the teens as this town of urban decay literally poisons them with its bad air and bad water. The friends feel like they’ve struck gold when they find a “Create the best Creepypasta” contest on the darknet that awards $10,000. But when Dezba’s father’s stash of valuable copper is stolen he does the unthinkable after he learns his daughter knows how to make money on the darknet.

Appalachian Pachinko!

Appalachian siblings Bud and Sissy decide to open a Pachinko Parlor in their town’s derelict coal min.  After betrayal and devastation, demons and techno-organic centaurs, only Sissy can vanquish her enemies and save her hometown by embracing power she’s long suppressed.

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