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May 21st - Judgement Day

This video was the show's opening... setting the stage for the events to come.

May 21st - Judgement Day

This show was featured as part of a webseries "$20 New York"

May 21st -
Judgement Day
2012 FringeNYC Festival.

Valentine has grown up and lived her life in a bunker, knowing the apocalypse rages above her head.  James has kept her there since she was a child, visiting her between breaks of fighting the holy war above ground.  But Valentine has aged into a young adult and realizes something is in the bunker with her, telling her things are not what they seem.  


She realizes there was no war and she must find a way to freedom... as she breaks free from the reality of being a life-long captive of a religious zealout.


The show combined Lovecraftian mythos with Samurai iconography.

May 21st - Judgement Day

This was the show's first promo video

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