"I want my work to be like the Voight-Kampff test from Blade Runner, where you’d use my plays to determine someone’s level of engagement with empathy"

-The Brooklyn Rail

Joshua Young was a proud member of The Public Theater's 2018-2019 Emerging Writers Group a member of The Flea Serials Writers Room and  a member of the 2020 Project Y Playwrights Group.  His plays include Lime-A-Rita Racist (The Public Theater’s 2019 Spotlight Reading Series, a play about whether it's right or wrong to punch a nazi), Red Room on a Dark Web (Primary Stages ESPA Drills 2019 Reading Series), Appalachian Pachinko! and My Guggenheim Play, a true story about unreported corporate corruption.  He’s a founding member of The Playwriting Collective, a playwright driven initiative focused on economic justice.   He was a working laborer and technician for most of his career and now works as a labor advocate.


Josh also writes film, television, graphic novels and is a public speaker and speechwriter.

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