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The dreadnought of global calamity force a young couple, bereft and frayed by personal tragedy, into prolonged cohabitation. On the precipice of poverty these two now must survive a sequestration in the woods. But on St. George's day myth holds that if you see a towering blue flame it's the marker of buried treasure... a treasure buried in the dark and sodden earth that will change their lives forever.

Red Room on a Dark Web

Two desperate teenagers need quick, hard cash to finance their escape from the toxic, post-industrial Southside that’s literally poisoning them.  The two teens, Kevin and Dezba, feel like they’ve struck gold when they find a “Create the best Creepypasta” contest on the darknet that awards $10,000.  But when Dezba’s father’s stash of valuable copper is stolen he does the unthinkable after he learns his daughter knows how to make money on the darknet.

My Guggenheim Play is the true story of being a whistleblower in an unreported embezzling scheme at The Guggenheim in 2013. I was a technician in their Theater Department when I stumbled upon a bizarre plot… my boss had secretly been double billing labor, shipping, and equipment to the museum for years under a made-up company. Like any New York theater he’d hire outside companies for load-in, tech, etc… and just staple his made up invoice to theirs to get secretly paid… for 20 years. And this man, a self-confessed gun nut, did not intend to go quietly.​

Amidst the chaos of a public shooting, a daughter calls her father. She’s been shot and she worries this will be the last time the two can ever speak. In a real time conversation he tries his best to help her survive, while she does her best to say goodbye.

  • Production at The Brick Theater (June 10 – 20, 2017)

Righteous anger, especially political anger, is like a drug. A mild-mannered, working-class white man beats the shit out of a guy who turns out to be a raging racist and wrestles with taking the glory for what he did, especially when his new boss, a political activist, says that it’s okay to punch a nazi in a public space. Lime-A-Rita Racist is about is about the elixir of righteousness and certainty and how it tears friends and co-workers apart.

Appalachian Pachinko!

Appalachian siblings Bud and Sissy decide to open a Pachinko Parlor in their town’s derelict coal min.  After betrayal and devastation, demons and techno-organic centaurs, only Sissy can vanquish her enemies and save her hometown by embracing a power she’s long suppressed.

A husband and wife gather in an execution chamber in Virginia to see the death of the young man who murdered their daughter. The mother of the murderer also attends. As the young man is about to be executed, he vanishes in front of everyone’s eyes.​

Bob believes he's the Joker Henchman from the '89 Batman, Bob The Goon, and no one in his PTSD therapy group can convince him otherwise. The reason--the veterans in this special group also believe they are, or were, third tier comic book characters--the less heroic and most obscure. All begins to unravel when an ex-pilot, Langly, joins despite her belief that she is from the anime world, not a comic.

  • Production at The HERE Arts Center Main Stage, Sublet Series

  • Dixon Place, Works-In-Progress Series

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