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red room page 16 sketch.jpg

Red Room on a Dark Web

The Graphic Novel

Written by Joshua Young

Illustrated by Phoebe Corde

dezba and kevin red room sketches.jpg

Two desperate teenagers, Kevin and Dezba, need quick, hard cash to finance an escape from their post-industrial city. Decayed factories, now rusted and ruined metal monsters, bully and taunt the teens as this town of urban decay literally poisons them with its bad air and bad water.

The friends feel like they’ve struck gold when they find a “Create the best Creepypasta” contest on the darknet that awards $10,000. But when Dezba’s father’s stash of valuable copper is stolen he does the unthinkable after he learns his daughter knows how to make money on the darknet.

red room page 17 sketch.jpg

 pg 16 - layout

 pg 17 - layout

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